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Division C Winners

Division B Events (grades 6-9) - February 6, 2016

Carlsbad High School (New Location)


If you have a parking pass for the parking lot to the south of Carlsbad High School:

Only ONE of the two entrances will be open.  ENTER (and leave) on Chestnut Ave.

The Monroe Street entrance will be closed because that is the drop off zone for students.  This way we will keep the cars that want to enter the parking lot separate from the drop off zone.  So, if you have students in the car, you could drop them off on Monroe St, then turn right at the corner onto Chestnut and enter the parking lot.

Meteorology and Crave the Wave have swapped rooms.
Meteorology – now in 6108
Crave the Wave – now in 5102 – it was marked as 5107 on the map – new map coming soon.

Parking is provided at the The Shoppes at Carlsbad mall (formerly Westfield Carlsbad). The blue line suggests the way that you will drive into the parking lot at the The Shoppes at Carlsbad mall.  The red line outlines the area that has been reserved for us – with 523 parking spaces.

In order to make the shuttle buses / mall parking work, drivers of cars that will park in The Shoppes at Carlsbad mall need to drop off all of their passengers at Carlsbad High School before they continue to the Mall.  That way, each parked car at the Mall will provide only one person to sit on the shuttle bus – and there will be space for more drivers.

Measuring the distance on the map, it is just > 1 mile from the center of the school drop off area to the entrance to the mall – all on Monroe St.  (The route curves a bit and goes through a park area.) Could someone walk that distance?  Sure, but there is a big hill coming from the mall to the school – going south.  Going north to the mall – downhill - is certainly walkable.  There is a sidewalk for the entire distance.

In the morning, there will be two buses – provided by ViaSat, thank you very much - starting at 6:30 AM, then after 9 AM, one bus will run all day, back and forth, no set schedule, just going back and forth.  It will pick up and drop off people in the main parking lot to the south of the school.  At 7:00 PM there may be a bit of a scrum after the Awards Ceremony – it might be possible for some of the folks who are parked in the parking lot next to the school to take others back to the Mall before they head home.  And, reversing the earlier suggestion, let your passengers wait at the school, and have the shuttle take the drivers from the school back to the Mall.

Do Google earth – go N on Monroe to the Mall.  Some people may also find some spots on the street near Carlsbad High School, but they will probably be farther away than the walk from their cars in the Mall to the shuttle drop off when they take the shuttle.

Division C Events

Division C Events (grades 9-12) - February 20, 2016

University City High School

Click here for Competition Advice - 2016

This year's San Diego regional competitions for both Division B and Division C will be held on a Saturday. Read below for general comments and click on the appropriate Division link above for lots of useful information and resources to help you be better prepared for what to expect on the actual competition day.

Be sure to check the Official National Science Olympiad Rule Clarifications for some events. This web site will continue to add clarifications. Please check for updates often.

Basis Science Olympiad Concept: Generally, we follow the Science Olympiad concept that:  Unless something is specifically prohibited in the rules of the event description, it is allowed UNLESS it will go against the intent and spirit of the event.

One adult volunteer must be provided for each team from a school, for the whole day, on either February 6, 2016 at Carlsbad High School, or February 20, 2016 at University City High School.  We can not run the Competitions without them.  Volunteers should arrive between 7:30 am – 8:00 am at the registration desks.

Competition Advice

Competition Advice – 2016

Construction Events (Impound)
We try very hard to make the testing of construction events move as quickly as possible.  Sometimes there are lines of students waiting to do an event.

This year, emphasizing the team concept, we will allow a member of the same team to stand in line for the one or two student(s) who will do the event.  If the place holder gets to the front of the line and the one (or two) student(s) who will run the device is(are) not there, the place holder will NOT get the device from Impound and will step aside and let other teams go ahead until the construction student(s) shows(show) up.

For Div B, this will apply to Air Trajectory, Bottle Rocket, Bridge, Glider and Scrambler.

For Div B, this does not apply to Wind Power because the device testing is a walk-in and Mission Possible has time slots.

Impounded Devices

Students should take their devices with them after they finish events with impounded devices – unless they want to make a protest.  Then they will leave the device in the place where the event took place until after the protest is resolved.

Every year, when walking to the Awards Ceremony, the Regional Director seess at least one big device sitting outside.  The custodians, reasonably wanting to finish their long day with us, will clean up anything that is left sitting around as they get the campus back to its status quo ante.

Lost and Found
Every year a substantial amount of things accumulate in Lost and Found.  Please claim them at the Awards Ceremony.  Unclaimed items will be kept for a week.  After that, they are gone.

Events with Stations

Some events will be done as stations, for example Fossils B & C, Dynamic Planet B & C, and others.  The event captains will tell the teams when to move. The stations will be numbered.

1.  If there are 20 stations, there will be – let’s say – 2 min 15 sec / station. 10 stations = 4.5 min / stations, etc.
2.  Students may not return to stations they have finished – one direction only.
3.  The time at each station will depend upon the number of stations. Tell the kids to listen at the beginning of the event when the event captain will tell them how much time they will have for each station.

Impounded devices

Since Impound takes place before most events begin, wristbands are NOT required for the students who are dropping off devices for Impound.

The devices may be impounded by other team members – this is a team concept. Adults may NOT bring devices to Impound.

Impounded devices may be brought to Impound in boxes – if the students think that they want to keep all of the parts together neatly and compactly.

In general, events do not start until after Impound ends.

Clarifications Cut-off
Two weeks before the Competition we will no longer do event clarifications. Clarifications after that time could change events for some teams.

Division B – Saturday, January 23
Division C – Saturday, February 6

1.  The only information sources that matter for this competition are the event descriptions in the applicable Rules Manual, our Regional clarifications (sent to all coaches by the Regional Director and posted on this regional website) and national SO clarifications posted on the National Science Olympiad website.  Pay no attention to conflicting information from other sources.

2.  As previously discussed, we will NOT ask students questions to make sure that they have personally constructed their engineering devices.  In place of that, we have the Head Coach Construction Device Certification Form that will be submitted at Registration.

3.  When your students tell you that there were questions on tests that were not referenced in the event descriptions, take that with a BIG grain of salt.  Our event captains work hard to ensure that.  It may be true that your students did not study a particular area; it may still be in the event description.

4.  The 8.5” x 11” page(s) with notes on both sides that are allowed in some events may have any type of notes, diagrams, etc.  See each event description – and the Required and Allowed list – for how many pages are allowed / team in each event.  A page does NOT include multi-leveled Post-itฎ notes.  The sheet must be a flat sheet of paper, no layers.

5.  Construction events:
Students: Do NOT push the envelope with the dimensions of your devices.  If the size limit is 90 cm for a device, make yours no more than 89 cm – if you need to have it that long.  You will be very upset if they are put into a lower tier because your device was a teeny bit over the described limit.

Advice retained from 2015 These comments are worth repeating!

Cell phones are not allowed in any event.  Some event captains may ask students to leave them in a box by the door.

And event captains have the right to disqualify any teams that have cell phones that emerge or go off during the events.

Please read this!
1. If a team finishes a station early, it will stay where it is until all teams move to their next stations.

2. Teams may NOT return to stations after they have done them.

3. For Division B, station events will usually have either 20 stations (2 minutes/station) or 10 stations (4 minutes/station)

4. If a team arrives at a station event after it has started, that team will start wherever there is an open station.  The team may or may not be able to do the stations that it missed.  That will be up to each event captain.

5. Teams from the same school may NOT share anything – including launchers, weights, materials for Crime Busters, etc.  They are allowed to share one thing: the controller for Robo Cross.

6. All devices (Wheeled Vehicles, Gliders, Simple Machines, Air Trajectory, Robots, Bottle Rockets, Bridges, etc) must be marked – School (and team name if there is more than one team, from the school.)

7. Impounded devices – Air Trajectory, Simple Machines, Wheeled Vehicle – must be taken to Impound by team members, not parents.  Parents may help carry the Air Trajectory weights to the door, but students from the team must carry them into the room.

8. Notebooks - Some events allow students to bring 3-ring binders.  The pages may be in plastic sleeves, but the sleeves must have holes punched so that they can be secured in the binder.

Additional information from previous years but still valid.

Here are the Dispute Resolution procedures for the San Diego Regional Competition.

1. Watch this website to find out where the events will take place for Division B.

2. It might be nice to stay for the Awards Ceremony, to have at least one person stay in case your school wins any awards.  If not, they will be mailed to you.  We will give awards to 20th place in each event.  All of the results – raw scores - will be sent by email to the participating schools a few days after the Competition.

3. A question has been asked, “Can we arrive later in the day?”   It should be noted that Registration takes place from 7:00 AM – about 8:30 or 9:00 AM.  Someone may stay at the registration desk for a bit after that, but then all of the materials will be taken to the Scoring Room.  You will need to establish a school headquarters so that your students and parents can find you.

4. All participants are required to wear plastic wristbands.  They will have the school (and team names) on them.  The students must meet you at their school headquarters so that they can get their wristbands before they go to the events as they will not be admitted without them.  The wristbands will be in the head coach packet that the head coaches will pick up at Registration.  The students will have a hard time finding their wristbands if the head coaches arrive late.  Also, you need to have a school headquarters so that the students who have done events have a place to report what happened in the event.  Many teams will have school banners. Some have team t-shirts.  Some have very large, energetic school camps.  Most schools bring footballs, Frisbees, food, etc.

5. Students in written events (that allow students to bring writing implements) must bring #2 soft pencils so that their answer sheets will work in the scoring machine.

General Policy

Question:  Do students need to have their wrist bands (required for participation in all events) on their wrists when they drop things off for Impound?
Answer: No

Impound: Any member of a team may take a device in for Impound.  During Impound, the devices are simply deposited in the Impound room.
Devices must be labeled.  School and team (if applicable)

You may NOT use electricity from the host schools for any purpose.

For Mission Possible (B), the teams may bring the TSL (Task Sequence Lists) with them when they are ready to compete – or they may leave the TSL with the device when they leave it for Impound.  No observers will be allowed in the Mission Possible room.  Parents may help their students transport the devices to the Mission Possible (B) room for Impound, but they must leave promptly.

Lab Events (or those with Stations)

Students must quietly stay outside of the rooms until the Event Captains are ready to have them enter and begin.  While they are outside, they may be given instructions, roll calls can be done, answer sheets may be handed out.

If some students are allowed to enter early, they will cruise around and look at as many questions as possible.  This would obviously not be fair.  No observers are allowed in lab events unless escorted by Liz Jablecki, Charles Jablecki or Dorothy Jester.

Students must wear the safety articles required.  If they do not, they will be given the chance to get them so that they can compete.

Most of the above events will be run as lab events.  A few of them may be run as written exams.  Obviously, students taking written exams may enter the rooms early and sit down if other exams are not ongoing.  Again, obviously, all students should get the exams and start on them at the same time.

Volunteers for lab events with stations are not allowed to leave until the event is over.  Years ago a volunteer at the State Competition left a lab event and told his team what was on the test.

For the 2016 San Diego Regional Division B Competition, observers will be allowed to watch the following events:

Air Trajectory B – Carlsbad High School Gym
Bottle Rocket B – Carlsbad High Schoolo Gym
Bridge B - Carlsbad High School Performing Arts Center
Elastic Launched Glider B – Carlsbad High School Gym
Robo-Cross B – Carlsbad High School Multi-Purpose room
Wheeled Vehicle B – Carlsbad High School Small Gym

For the 2016 San Diego Regional Division C Competition, observers will be allowed to watch the following events:

Air Trajectory C – Activity Room
Bridge C - Auditorium
Scrambler C – Gym, after 12:30 PM
Wright Stuff C – Gym, until 12:30 PM

Observers may not approach or speak to participants while they are competing. 
No coaching is allowed.  Any observer who interferes or becomes loud will be asked to leave.

For all construction events:  You may photograph or record only devices from your child’s school.  You may photograph or record only your own child or, with advance written permission given to the head coach, children from your child’s school.
These restrictions also apply to students photographing and recording other students or devices.

For all other events that are NOT listed above:  No observers are allowed.  Photographs or recordings of the events are not allowed.  Only participants are allowed to enter the testing rooms.  Non-participants who enter testing rooms risk having their children disqualified from the events.

Food Near Competition (B) - Feb 6, 2016

There are several restaurants near Carlsbad High School. We will try to provide a list of those restaurants.  You may bring food with you, but it is nice to know what is available in the neighborhood.

Food Near Competition (C) - Feb 20, 2016

There are several restaurants near University City High School in northern San Diego at the Coste Verde and Westfield UTC malls. We will try to provide a list of those restaurants.  You may bring food with you, but again it is nice to know what is available in the neighborhood.

Competition Advice from our Regional Director

1. If you are not sure about which goggles satisfy which event, look at the bottom of the Required and Allowed List (B) or Required and Allowed List (C) on our website.

2. Tell your students that, if a piece of lab equipment is not working correctly, raise your hand immediately and tell the event captain.

3. If your students see another team cheating, they should tell the event captain immediately.  If they did not do that, have them find Liz Jablecki, Dorothy Jester, or Dr. Jablecki as soon as they come out of the event.  We will see what can be done about the situation.

4. The cell phone numbers for the Regional Director: Liz Jablecki, Treasurer: Dorothy Jester and Arbitrator & Scoring: Dr. Charles Jablecki have been emailed to all Head Coaches and Event Captains.  These people should contact Liz Jablecki if they do not have these numbers. Use these numbers to contact Liz, Dorothy, and Dr. Jablecki during the compeition.

5. We are NOT allowed to be on the campuses before 7:00 AM.  Getting there super early means that you will have to sit in your car.  The Registration area will be open at 7:00 AM.  One coach/school will go there to check in her/his school and to pick up a folder with the required wristbands.  Each participating student must wear a wrist band.  The wristbands will have the team names on them.  Be sure to match up the wristbands with the correct team members.

6. Since we are not allowed to be on the campuses before 7:00 AM, there should not be any team camps set up before then except for those of the host schools, Carlsbad High School or (TBD) School.

7. Parking Directions:  Check the Carlsbad High School Competition Map (B) or University City High School Competition Map (C) and do NOT park in the areas reserved for event captains and assistant event captains.  The parking areas are very clearly identified.  Follow any instructions given by our security personnel.

General Comments

ONLY the Head Coach will contact Liz, Dorothy, or Dr. Jablecki with questions.

No advance reservation or holding of seats in the Gyms prior to the Awards Ceremony.

You may bring your own ready-to-eat food.

Devices will be impounded in or near the rooms or areas where the competitions will take place.

1. Impound before competition, in or near area where device will be tested.
2. All devices should have school and team names on them.
3. Before competition starts, check each device for specifications.
4. If so stated in manual, participants must wear goggles.
5. There will be roped off areas.  Observers are allowed only behind the ropes.  Only immediate contestants and event organizers are allowed to be inside the ropes.
6. When a contestant arrives to compete at an impounded event, the Event Captain or an Assistant Event Captain will get his/her device and hand it to him/her for the competition. No coaching is allowed after the contestant begins his/her event.



2016 Division B comments can be found on the Division B page.

2016 Division B School Winners

Grades 6-9, February 6, 2016

1.  Carmel Valley
2.  Oak Valley
3.  Mesa Verde
3.  Black Mountain
5.  Ocean Air
6.  Torrey Hills
7.  Meadowbrook
8.  Twin Peaks
9.  Aviara Oaks
10. Marshall



2016 Division C comments can be found on the Division C page.

2016 Division C School Winners

Grades 9-12, February 20, 2016

1.  Canyon Crest
2.  Del Norte
3.  Westview
4.  Torrey Pines
5.  University City
6.  Scripps Ranch
7.  Rancho Bernardo
8.  Francis Parker
9.  Mount Carmel
10. Sage Creek




Dispute Resolution
Understanding the process

Sign up your competition day volunteers early. Remember, one adult volunteer is needed for each registered team. Each team must provide one adult volunteer. The volunteers may chose to help on either February 6th at Carlsbad High School or on February 20th at University City School.

The Google translation feature is offered for your convenience on this page and the Home page only.  It is not offered on the other pages due to possible translation errors that may impact your ability to properly prepare for the events!