Regional Competition

The 2016 Regional Competition has concluded

Here are the 2016 San Diego Regional Competition Winners.  Positions 1 - 8 will proceed to the State Competition!

Please check the 2016 Tab for details about the 2016 year's events.
The other pages of this website will be updated as we prepare for 2017!

Here is Science Olympiad TV on You Tube.

Check this website occasionally as new information for the 2017 competition becomes available.

Background Information on Science Olympiad
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Service Support
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Registration & Insurance Forms (required) are on the Register page.

Here is the 2016-2017 Science Olympiad Schedule.

Here are the 2016-2017 Science Olympiad Events. (2016-2017 will be posted in early summer!)

To be posted Details about Science Olympiad Team and Grade Requirements are available for your review.

Background Information

Science Olympiad is a nationally organized competition in biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences and engineering.  There are competitions at national, state and regional levels.

This is the official web site for the Regional Competition for San Diego County, California.   There are 23 events in each of two divisions:

  • Division B is for students in grades 6-9 with a maximum of five 9th graders on a team.
  • Division C is for students in grades 9-12 with a maximum of seven 12th graders on a team
  • Each team may have up to 15 students.

  • The event descriptions tell you how many students will do each event.  “Up to Two” means that one student from a team may do an event alone OR two students from the same team may work together on the event.

  • Write It, Do It B & C REQUIRES two students.
  • Picture This B REQUIRES three students.
  • Students must stay on their teams – they can not compete in one event on team A and then compete in another event on team B.

    Engineering events – A student who did not build the device may help one who did build the device to run it at the Competition.  However, this year the teams will be asked questions about the building and running of their devices, so the student who did build the device will need to make that clear.

    Each middle school, junior high school and high school may send up to six teams.  Because Division A does not take place in San Diego County, a few elementary schools participate.  Elementary schools are allowed to have two teams/school.

    Some events are lab testing events, some are written tests and some emphasize the building and testing of devices that must meet specific criteria and perform specific tasks.  Team trophies are given to the top ten schools in each division and individual awards are given to 20th place in each event.

    Additional information can be found at the national web site

    Details about the 2015 Southern California State Science Olympiad held on April 4, 2015 and the 2016 competition to be held on April 2, 2016 can be found at

    Note:  Absolutely do NOT contact Event Captains directly.  If people were allowed to contact the Event Captains, the Event Captains would have to hide and change their telephone numbers.  And, just as importantly, we want all teams to have all of the same information when they prepare for events.  Think about how you would feel if a coach from another school told you, "That Event Captain is  someone I know.  I had a nice talk with her about her event."  If you see an Event Captain at a social gathering, avoid talking about Science Olympiad.  Completely.  If you have a question about an event, send it to Liz.  Liz will ask the Event Captain and send the answer to all teams.

    Password protected websites:  Some of you would like to use password protected websites to post the event descriptions.  This is from the National Science Olympiad Website:  "This resource may not be placed on any website..."

    Liz asked the National SO Director about this.  His response was: "We discourage any posting of Science Olympiad Event Rules on any website, even if it is password protected.  In many cases, those sites have links to the posted content, and that's how we find out about them.  Each year, we send a handful of "whoops!" notes to coaches posting the Science Olympiad Rules on school sites.  Lots of coaches scan the rules and send selected PDFs to the students participating in each event via email. As long as it is within the school team, that is OK."

    San Diego Regional Competitions will use:
    1. The rules in the official Rules Manuals
    2. Clarifications on the National SO web site.
    3. Additional clarifications, if any, from our Regional Director
    4. 2016 Proposed Event Schedules for Division B & Map and Division C & Map
    5. 2016 Group Assignments B and Group Assignments C

    The group assignments (B1, B2…. and C1, C2…) will be made in December.  All teams from a school will be in the same group – they will take the written events at the same time.  Please note that the event conflicts are the same for each group.  Students can not participate in two events that take place at the same time.

    6. 2016 Required/Allowed Items for Division B and Division C
    Not noted is that almost all written events require students to bring #2 pencils.
    #5 goggles may be substituted for the less rigorous #2 goggles.

    7. 2016 Dispute Resolution (To be posted) for San Diego Regional Competitions

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    (Above Links are updated as available)

    Financial Support

    We are an entirely volunteer, 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.  These donations cover the costs of materials, fossil kits, insurance, trophies, medals, ribbons, etc.  We are incredibly grateful for everybody's support.  This Competition could not take place without the support of the people and organizations below and people like you.  Just press the "Donate" Button below to offer your support!

    Perry and Phyllis Feuer Grant - $10,000
    Leidos - $2,000
    ViaSat: $1,600 – buses to and from shopping center
    Employee Volunteer Hours - General Atomics, Qualcomm
    United Health Foundation - $500


    Service Support

    We thank the following organizations for their support:

    Poway Unified School District
    Bernardo Heights Middle School for our November Workshops
    Carlsbad Unified School District
    Carlsbad High School for the Division B Competition.
    San Diego Unified School District
    University City High School for the Division C Competition.

    We thank all three school districts.

    Christine Jones - Alvarado Pacific Insurance

    The Shoppes at Carlsbad Mall
    Parking lot for the Division B competition.


    Just press the "Donate" Button above to offer your support!

    The students who participate, their coaches, their teachers and their parents thank all of the above for encouraging them to experience science and engineering outside of their classrooms.

    How You Can Volunteer . . . . . .

    Again, we are an entirely volunteer, 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. Contact Liz to offer your help. THANK YOU!

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    2015-2016 Updates

    Participants are reminded to use this year’s rules in the Rules Manual. Do NOT use an old DVD, old copy of the rules, rules from the summer sessions, etc.

    The Regional Director continuously receives questions on old rules.

    The resources on the National Science-Olympiad website should not be interpreted as an extension of the rules.  The official rules in the Rules Manual take precedence.  The resources on the National Science-Olympiad website are often created by third parties or prepared for the draft rules or an older version of the rules.

    Here are event clarifications from nationals.  Theese will apply to our Regional Competition.  Click on “Reveal Questions”.  Keep this link handy – it is not very easy to find.

    Please send all questions about rules for the San Diego Regional Competitions to Liz Jablecki for further clarification.

    At our San Diego Regional Competitions, we follow the rules clarifications from Nationals, but we may have additional clarifications from our Regional event captains.

    Always check the event descriptions carefully.  Our San Diego Competitions are Regional Competitions.  Some events have additional subjects that will NOT be covered at the Regional Competitions that should be studied for State and National Competitions.

    Here are the Rules Clarifications from the National Science Olympiad.

    The Southern California State organization will include all of the National Rules Clarifications and FAQ's for the State Tournament (this will be almost all of them) on the State Rules Clarification page along with our own rules clarifications for the State Tournament.  Teams and event officials will be able to get national and state clarifications from one place.  They can find all of the national and state clarifications here or download as a spreadsheet.

    Teams may submit their rules clarification questions for the State Competition here.

    Construction Events
    This year all of the construction events have a new statement.  “Students must be able to answer questions ….”  State SO has provided a clarification that the questions are at the discretion of the event captains.  Last year, after considerable discussion, we decided not to require students to answer questions.  Instead, the head coach from each school will sign and submit (at Registration on the day of the Competition) the Head Coach Construction Device Certification Form.

    Additional Information - Specific Events: Will be added on the individual event pages and here when appropriate.

    Check Division B & Division C for Specific Event Updates

    Here is how to join the Yahoo National Coaches' Message Board

    New to Science Olympiad? There are lots of great resources and tools for coaches to get started.

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       2015 - 2016

    July 11, 2015 ✔
    Saturday 8:30AM–4:00PM
    Science Olympiad Summer Workshop
    at Caltech
    East Bridge
    (Bldg. 33) Rm. 201
    1200 E. California Blvd
    Pasadena, CA 91125

    October 7, 2015 ✔
    Wednesday 4:00PM
    First Meeting
    at San Diego County Office of Education
    Rooms 401 & 402

    November 14, 2015 ✔
    Saturday 2:30PM-4:00PM
    Event Workshops
    Bernardo Heights Middle School Gym

    January 6, 2016 ✔
    Wednesday 4:00PM
    Meeting of Coaches and Event Captains — DIV. B at San Diego County Office of Education
    Linda Vista Road
    Rooms 401 & 402

    January 16, 2016 ✔
    Saturday 2:00 - 4:00PM
    Protein Modeling C Workshop at UCSD
    Skaggs School of Pharmacy

    January 20, 2016 ✔
    Wednesday 4:00PM
    Meeting of Coaches and Event Captains — DIV. C at San Diego County Office of Education
    Linda Vista Road
    Annex C

    Sat. February 6, 2016 ✔
    Division B Competition
    at Carlsbad High School

    Sat. February 20, 2016 ✔
    Division C Competition
    at University City High School

    Sat. April 2, 2016
    State Science Olympiad

    California Institute of Technology

    May 20 - 21, 2016
    National Tournament

    University of Wisconsin

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